Data Monetization Realized with Information Asset

by Greg Ursetta Why would I want to put a value on my data? Think of data as an asset; Companies deploy assets to create value for different stakeholders. They also invest in assets to make them fit for purpose and, at any point in time, they have to consider which assets are worth investing […]

Smart Meters Implementation with Informatica

by Bhelcy NadarSr. Developer Smart Meters are the new essential part of Utility. It helps the customer understand their energy usage at different times of the day which benefits them to manage the usage more proactively. By utilizing Informatica tools we can define the business glossaries related to smart meters in Informatica Axon, show its […]

Operationalizing Compliance Controls – (Controlling Compliance Control Compliance)

Dwight Russell Sr. Business Analyst At Information Asset we understand the challenges associated with the ever changing compliance environment. Whether the compliance is driven by external regulation or by internal corporate strategy, the state of compliance can sometimes consist of unknowns and best guesses. Organizations may have a clear understanding of what needs to be […]

Complementary Data Monetization Workshop

Data is a unique commodity. And today, organizations are looking for new ways to drive value from their data assets. We help our customers Monetize their Data by identifying opportunities to increase revenues, reduce costs, and drive competitive advantage, while mitigating risk. Ask us about a complimentary workshop designed to help your organization manage your data value chain more […]

Data Literacy – Underpinning Data Monetization

August 5, 2020 By Pamela Taylor At Information Asset we define Data Literacy as the maturation an individual acquires as a result of extensive study and understanding of what data means by reading, understanding, and communicating data as information. Leveraging one’s data literacy skills allows them to identify the various use cases to grow revenue, […]

Data Monetization Blog (Insurance Industry Perspective)

by Mark Gallman At Information Asset we define Data Monetization as the ability to leverage data and information to expose opportunities to increase revenues, reduce costs, and drive competitive advantage while mitigating risk. Every organization has areas ripe for driving monetization from internal data and information.  Take the Insurance Industry as an example.  The success […]

What is Data Monetization?

Sunil Soares CEO, Information Asset Data Governance programs have lacked business adoption because there is often a limited tie-in with financial benefits. Let’s face it, if the regulators are not breathing down your neck, it is hard to get senior management to continue to sponsor data governance. I have been doing some recent work with […]