Collibra for HR Data Governance

Human resource departments are starting to focus on employee data to support initiatives such as workforce analytics. We at Information Asset have built an HR Data Governance Accelerator that uses Collibra® as the foundational tool that will bring life to your biggest asset.

HR Data Governance Accelerator

Before setting up the components of the Accelerator, a taxonomy that is unique to HR data needs to be built. Once the foundational groundwork is complete, our Accelerator template should be used. The Accelerator template defines the acceptable use standards related to critical data elements, solidifies the taxonomy, and adds another layer to your HR data governance. Although organizations may have business glossaries, this work will enhance your employee data.

Just like other data objects, employee data is used for analysis as it is transported to different applications for various analytical purposes. Collecting information about employee data and the associated data service level agreements will help to form comprehensive and organized views of data usage while ensuring an inclusive view of the association between business and technical metadata.

HR data governance over Social Security Number in Collibra
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