Webinar: Data Monetization Best Practices – When Risk Reduction, Cost Avoidance and Revenue Maximization Come Together

Data Monetization is a cross-functional discipline that draws from best practices in Enterprise Data Management, Technology, Legal Engineering and Finance. Organizations have generally found it extremely difficult to get senior management buy-in the absence of regulatory pressures or the fear of a data breach. Data monetization is an approach to drive quantifiable business benefits from data and information. This bottom-line driven approach is key to generating business adoption with stakeholders.

Webinar speakers:

Sunil Soares

Sunil Soares

CEO and Founder at Information Asset and YourDataConnectSunil Soares is the chief executive officer of Information Asset and YourDataConnect, with both firms focused on data monetization solutions. Prior to this role, Sunil was director of information governance at IBM. He is the author of eight books on Data Governance and Enterprise Data Management.

Doug Graham

Data Governance Lead at a Midwest Utility CompanyDoug Graham is a Data Governance Lead at a major Midwest Utility. Previously he has served on staff and in a consulting roles introducing and implementing data governance for major Midwestern and National Health Care provider networks. His roles have put him in the unique position of establishing vision and strategy that highlight monetization drivers for data governance program activities.

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