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Built an access controlled gateway to all corporate knowledge repositories, that is configurable to maximum the individual user experience, and provides advanced search and navigation capabilities, resulting user adoption by 100%.
Developed an Einstein AI based data classification engine for enterprise-wide critical data across disparate systems to comply with regulatory requirements, reducing manual intervention by 95%.
Curated and migrated data from numerous enterprise-wide and different datastores to Salesforce.
Architected and constructed integrations between data governance catalogs to Salesforce using Salesforce Connect eliminating scheduled manual and automated bulk uploads and improving governance and auditing capability.
Eliminated manual interrogation of data and improved operational efficiency by developing an Einstein AI based data classification engine.
Using mation Asset Knowledge Graph for Salesforce Accelerator enabled visual representation and traceability, representing data flow of Assets or Data store from source to target.
Designed and developed a customized Master Data management solution to accommodate customers specific needs of consolidating, cleansing and merging data to create a golden record.
Guide customer to understand and ratify business rules required to achieve and maintain a single view of master data across the organization.
Utilized the Salesforce platform to manage duplicate opportunities and deals by implementing business rules and generating reports that offer visibility into potential duplicate opportunities and deals, reducing the time required to remediate duplicate opportunities and deals.
Developed a data marketplace to share data securely between company divisions and third parties.
Created an enterprise automated data contract management system enabling publication & subscription of data, reducing user effort by 90%.

Financial Services

Data Governance across multiple divisions for operational and analytical environments. Solution included data privacy and acceptable use standards. Technologies included Collibra, Data Advantage Group MetaCenter and IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog.

Data Governance Playbook including roles and responsibilities, data sharing agreements, metrics, dashboards and critical data elements.

Complete rewrite of data privacy policies for Chief Privacy Officer.

Sensitive data management playbook to align policies across data governance, legal and information technology.

End-to-end reference data and master data management strategy focused on customer domain.

Strategy to govern statistical models to fulfill requirements from the regulatory authorities.

Data Marketplace based on Salesforce Lightning Platform to share data securely between company divisions and third parties.

Workflows and integrations between ServiceNow CMDB and IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog to support application recertification.

More than 80 workflows in Collibra, Collibra operating model configuration and integration with JIRA and Data Advantage Group MetaCenter to support Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and other data privacy regulations.

Implementation of Collibra for CCAR and BCBS 239.

Implementation of Collibra including integration with Informatica PowerCenter.

Solution design for business and technical use cases for metadata management.

GDPR and CCPA compliance with IBM Infosphere Information Governance Catalog.

Integration of Collibra with MongoDB.

Data Governance Maturity Assessment, roadmap and recommendations.

Data Governance Maturity Assessment, enterprise roadmap and recommendations.

Data Governance Architecture Assessment focused on AWS Data Lake and Informatica.


Governance of clinical reference data using Collibra, multiple workflows, and integrations with Oracle and Hadoop.

Business critical Customer, Provider and Client data segmented across lines of business.

Implementation of Collibra to support analytics governance and integration with Informatica Data Quality.

Operating Model with OOTB/custom assets, attributes, relations and roles.

Implementation of Collibra including workflows and integrations.

Implementation of Collibra including workflows and integrations.

Implementation of Informatica Axon including ingestion of metadata from Hadoop via data catalog.

Data Governance Playbook including policies and standards.

Higher Education

GDPR data governance playbook to support compliance with European Union GDPR for student domain.

Implementation of Data Governance in a Box methodology with Collibra.

Conducted data governance health check for university that had developed a program but was having a hard time getting buy-in from the business.

Information Service

Collibra initial implementation including operating model, workflows and integrations.

Collibra initial implementation including operating model, workflows and integrations.

Enterprise Catalog using Alteryx Connect.

Data Governance Playbook and Strategy.


Data Privacy CCPA compliance using Collibra and Data Advantage Group MetaCenter.

Collibra implementation including over 100 workflows.

Data Governance Playbook focused on Customer Master Data, Data Quality using IBM Information Analyzer.

Data Governance Framework including stewardship, council, business glossary and IBM InfoSphere implementation.

Data Governance Playbook including policies and standards, steward training and Informatica Data Quality.

Data Governance Playbook including policies and standards, steward training, IBM InfoSphere Suite.

Governance of Actuarial models to reduce risk and comply with internal auditors.

Data Lake Governance with Collibra including workflows and integrations.

Integration of Collibra with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog.

CCPA Data Privacy Solution Design with Informatica Axon, Enterprise Data Catalog, Secure@Source and Big Data Quality.

Life Sciences

Alation integration with AWS S3 and TIBCO Spotfire for data catalog.

Collibra initial implementation including operating model, Tableau and AWS S3 integration.

Developed standardized Pharma Glossary for 3,000+ business terms in Informatica Axon.

Integration of Collibra and SAP BusinessObjects for data catalog in Animal Health.

Solution design based on AWS, Collibra and Informatica for Enterprise Data Catalog.

Creation of Data Governance Playbook with Policies and Standards focused on European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Implementation of Informatica Axon to support playbook.

Enterprise business glossary including business terms and data categories.

Media & Entertainment

Implementation of Collibra to improve analytics for AWS data lake to drive subscriber counts for online streaming service.


End-client heavy machinery IoT Data Lake initiative using Collibra.

GDPR Impact assessment of processes and standards.

Frameworks to support Data Quality, Metadata Management, Data Governance, Issue and Change Management and Reference Data Management.

Workflows to govern new accounts in Collibra with propagation to SAP MDG and Oracle DRM.

Leveraging Collibra to govern Customer, Materials and Vendor Master Data in Informatica MDM. Implementation of Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog for self-service analytics. Support of IoT data lake using Collibra and Paxata.

Operationalizing Enterprise Data Governance across projects and programs.

Data Governance Paybook and Collibra Initial Implementation.

Oil & Gas

Data Governance for Manufacturing Services Data Lake to ingest billions of rows of machine data.

Collibra operating model and workflows including integrations with Tableau and SAP HANA.


Collibra implementation and data governance playbook including data sovereignty to account for data privacy jurisdictions.

Collibra Initial Implementation for Product Master Data Governance.

Initial business glossary and data catalog in ASG Rochade.

Custom implementation including workflows and integrations.

Product Data Governance Playbook to support the implementation of EBX MDM platform.

Data Governance Assessment for Loyalty and Product Data.

Technology Sector

Integration of Alation with XML application logs to support application governance.

Leveraging Salesforce Lightning Platform to govern an inventory of critical data globally, including compliance with local regulations.

Detailed Solution Design of Data Lake Governance Components with AWS to support data privacy regulations.

Collibra Operating Model with OOTB/custom assets, attributes, relations and roles.

Travel & Transportation

Data Governance solution implementation to support Agile Development. Implementation of IBM InfoSphere suite of tools for metadata management and data quality. Ingestion of more than ten million columns of metadata into IBM InfoSphere suite.

Data Governance, Stewardship and Collibra implementation.

Implementation of Collibra for Human Resources department.


Collibra implementation and support including integrations with AWS S3, Oracle and workflows.

Governance of predictive maintenance models including metadata and lineage in Collibra.

Implementation of Informatica Axon, Enterprise Data Catalog and Big Data Quality for AWS Data Lake.

Leverage Informatica Axon to view and manage Risk Score for API inventory.

Collibra Operating Model with OOTB/custom assets, attributes, relations and roles.

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