Informatica Banking Accelerator

Information Asset has created a Data Governance Accelerator for the Banking sector based on Informatica’s market-leading product Axon, eliminating implementation complexities and dramatically speeding up time to delivering a truly collaborative Axon data governance program. It should reduce start up time by six to eight weeks.

The Banking Accelerator includes Glossaries, Data Quality Rules, Workflows, Regulations, Policies, and Business Areas used by the Banking Industry.

The package includes 40 hours of remote consulting by a Data Governance Subject Matter Expert which needs to be utilized within 90 days of purchase (not refundable).

Information Asset has a market-leading Data Governance Practice that covers data stewardship, data quality, and metadata management across multiple industries. You can find a complete listing of Information Asset’s capabilities around Informatica here.

What is included:

  • Banking Operating Model
  • Dashboard
  • Banking Glossary
  • Glossary Lineage
  • Systems and Dataset Lineage
  • Data Quality Rules
  • Process Lineage
  • Sample Workflow
  • Sample Change Request
  • Sample Regulations
  • Sample Org. Unit

Additional services included:

Type of Installation – Informatica Axon backup and restore

You will receive 40 hours of remote consulting to be used within three months

You will get access to sample Axon content on IA hosted AWS environment for 90 days

Screenshots of the Banking Accelerator:

Bank Operating Model

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 11.55.14 PM

Banking Glossary

Banking Glossary

Banking Glossary Lineage

Banking Glossary Lineage
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