Press Release: Information Asset Assumes Leadership Position with Salesforce Data Management Practice

Information Asset, a leading digital transformation and data management firm, announces its market-leading Salesforce Data Management Practice. The practice specializes in implementing data management applications native to the Salesforce® Lightning® platform.

“Since 2012, Information Asset has held a core belief that data management is at the center of digital transformation success. We understand that data must be consistent, compliant, and current, while the solution must be simple, scalable, and intuitive. That’s why industry-leading companies turn to Information Asset as their Salesforce partner for data management,” said Sunil Soares, Chairman of Information Asset.

Information Asset has proven expertise with Salesforce data management:

  • Data Integration: Synchronize myriad applications using MuleSoft® and Salesforce  Connect
  • Data Quality: Extend native Salesforce data quality capabilities for advanced duplication detection, validation, and remediation at the point of data entry
  • Master Data Management: Consolidate, cleanse, and merge data to create a golden record
  • Data Privacy: Comply with GDPR and CCPA/CPRA with essential data privacy capabilities, including Right to Be Forgotten, Customer Communities, and process compliance
  • Data Catalog: Classify data for stewardship using Salesforce Einstein AI
  • Data Valuation: Quantify and realize the financial benefits of data
  • Data Marketplace: Manage shared information with internal and external partners

To read our full press release click here.

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