Webinar: Data Monetization Workshop Simulation

About the Webinar:

Sunil and Pam will simulate a monetization workshop focused on how a hypothetical company will use data monetization best practices to quantify the financial benefits from data management. They will go through a series of questions and answers and build out an actual business case during this one hour interactive session.

You will learn:

  • Identify target use cases for Company
  • Prioritize one or two use cases for further drill-down (based on Company fiscal objectives)
  • Identify stakeholders including business, finance, and data management
  • Conduct a data valuation on the target dataset
  • Build an initial business case
  • Itemize business cases for further analysis
  • Create roadmap of data management dependencies including data quality and master data management
  • Operationalize the use case using people, process and technology
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